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The BR 648 is also used as a base for the simulator version of the Merseburg Class E2. The new Jörg O. Hochwagen 3D model is designed to be used in both Train Simulator and Trainz. External links BR Heizölrückstellfahrzeuge Gera Category:Multiple units of Germany 648 Category:Passenger trains running at least at 250 km/h in commercial operationsIn my years of playing with new technology in education, I have found that the old saying about, "A stitch in time saves nine," is actually quite true. When I first arrived at Indiana University, I was eager to adopt technology, particularly educational technology, into my teaching practice. I even took a course on Educational Technology. At the time, I didn't know much about the social and political aspects of educational technology and really didn't think about them too much. I just wanted to know the latest way to do things and move on. However, in my years of learning more about the social and political dimensions of technology in education, I have come to realize the impact that social and political aspects of technology have on the pedagogy of instruction. The Journey of Technology For educators like me, the journey of technology is not a straightforward one. It is an arduous trek that is riddled with pitfalls, challenges and obstacles. While technology has the potential to enhance learning, too many times we have seen the technology push into the classroom and the teaching practice with little or no regard for the pedagogy of instruction. Our pedagogical choices are not guided by the philosophy of teaching and learning, but are forced upon us because of technology. When technology is used as a means to an end rather than as a means to support teaching and learning, the end is often not effective pedagogy. In the past, many of the failures of educational technology were the result of the misuse of technology for the sake of technology. Once the technology was in, all that we could think about was how it could be used. This approach was embraced by early adopters, but it is not a pedagogical philosophy that is developed to enhance learning. In my professional journey, I have been fortunate to work in a variety of environments, including universities, community colleges, home schools and an inner-city public school system. I have seen the failures of technology because it




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